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Setién: “It’s a fair draw, we keep the line we are in”

Press conference

Quique Setién.

Quique Setién has addressed the media after the game at Wanda Metropolitano. The gaffer answered the questions by the media.

Match analysis: “I haven’t kept count of the chances, but I think we had more, they only had a couple. One to the post and the one Mandi cleared in the first half. We had some counterattacks and a few clear chances, but I think the draw is good. We could have won but we could lose too. We did a good game. We were superior at some moments, we had the ball, we broke their press. The are strong and intense and can hurt you in any play I think the draw is a fair result, we keep the line we are in. If we consider they haven’t lost here and not conceded a goal, it’s a good result.”

Six clean sheets in a row: “We have not just improved in defence, in other aspects as well. Now we are a way better team than we were in November and September. The progression is evident in the players. The level of understanding is really high. We were a super team today because we were calm with the ball against such an intense team, probably the best in that sense. We just lacked the finishing one of those chances when we broke the pressure. In defence, we played with three men in the back and two on the wings that also help to defend. We are a more mature, aggressive team, and we seem to be more focused on defence.”

Tweet about Iniesta last night: “It was a thought from the heart. As to all the great players and all the Spaniards, we owe Iniesta so much. Not just because of the goal that made us world champions, but because of what he does on the pitch. There’s a great man behind the great player, a person with amazing values. It was my way of thanking him for everything.”

Your teams must play good football: “When I was a player, I spent many years as a striker at Santander, and I had to make the impossible to get the long passes down. I used to say that I hadn0t become a footballer for that. That’s what I try to tell my players. Professional football is about results, but I have always been committed to this style. I love it.”

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